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Current Rates

APY* as high as:
Flex Money Market 0.15%
Minor Savings 0.05%
Regular Savings 0.05%
APR** as low as:
VISA Gold 12.99%
VISA Platinum Intro Rate 7.99%
VISA Classic 19.99%
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*Annual Percentage Yield
**Annual Percentage Rate

Rates are as of April 1, 2014

Rates subject to change without notice


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Financial Education

Sierra Central has partnered with CUNA (Credit Union National Association) to provide a wide variety of helpful financial resources.

  • Anytime Adviser Whether you're thinking of buying a car, a home, or just looking to get better control of your finances, try out Anytime Adviser online Coaches.  Through interactive exercises and simulation games, you'll learn how to make financial decisions you can be proud of.  
  • Protect Your Home From Foreclosure                              Sierra Central knows that current economic conditions are challenging and we want you to know that your credit union may have options available to help you protect your home from foreclosure.
  • IDEA Presentation
    Learn how to protect and defend yourself again Identity Theft and Fraud. 
  • Help You Thrive
    California Credit Union League developed this new website that provides financial resources to consumers with a one-stop place to find reliable and easy-to-understand financial information, along with these helpful tools:                            
    Alternate solutions   
    Calculators and worksheets
    Current topics
    Educational resources
    Q&A Search or Ask a question
    Youth financial education resource