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Upgrade is now complete!

Important Messages

Zelle - Zelle is now available. Members can access the Zelle link thru their Sierra Central Online and Mobile Banking services.

- eStatements are available in Online Banking. You can access this by visiting the "Accounts" tab at the top left of your Online Banking page, then down to "EStatements." 

Intuit QuickBooks - QuickBooks is now available. Members will need to use the QuickBooks cloud version vs. the desktop app. The desktop application integrates with Internet Explorer, which is no longer supported. Members using the desktop version will be prompted to update to the cloud-based version as a replacement. For more information and a helpful guide, visit Quicken Tutorials.

Stay Connected with Sierra Central

Customer Service Representatives are available to help!

1 - Contact us by PHONE at, 1-800-222-7228.
2 - Prefer in-person, visit a Sierra Central BRANCH.
We have 20 located in the North State. Visit our Branch page or set up an appointment to ensure you don't have to wait.


Friday, October 7 @ 7 a.m.
Thursday, October 13 @ 7 p.m., available 24-hours

Friday, October 14 thru Saturday, October 15,
available 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

October 17, forward we are able to assist Members
Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Additional Resources

Check out some of the printed communication, about our System Upgrade, that was mailed to Members!
Prefer to listen vs. read! Check back for "Key Changes" by way of video communication.

Time to "Re-Register" for Online/Mobile Banking!

Our System Upgrade is now complete. All Members need to "Re-Register" for Online and/or Mobile Banking. While taxing, this is designed in the best interest for Member security.

To “Register,” go through the process by clicking on “Register” from the “Login” screen and answer the questions as they pertain to you individually.

- From a desktop device, go to and select “LOGIN” located at the top right in the navy-blue bar.
- From a mobile device, click on the Sierra Central Credit Union app, click on the “Register” icon which is located on the bottom left of your screen.

Please review and accept the terms and conditions of the SCCU Online Banking and Bill Payer Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure and Agreement. Members need to answer the security questions asked, as they pertain to themselves, as an individual. If all the questions are answered correctly, the system will take you to the next step of verification. If you are unable to answer the questions, the system will inform you that the process has failed and that you will need to contact our Call Center (1-800-222-7228) for further assistance.

After a successful “Register” process has been completed, you will be able to select a new Username and Password.

Service Updates

Sierra Central ATM’s are available for use! ATM Deposits made, will be available after the Upgrade is complete. The ability to check account balances at the ATM or on your ATM receipts, will not be available until after the Upgrade.

Co-Op Network ATM’s are available for use!

Electronic Banking Services (Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Payer, Zelle and Bank-by-Phone) are available for use. Members need to first "Re-Register" for Online Banking, as soon as possible, to have access to Bill Pay details and to ensure they have properly updated as well as to make sure payments continue as scheduled.

If you are a current Bill Pay user, after you "re-register" for Online and/or Mobile Banking, you should have immediate access to your Bill Pay details. We do ask that you please verify your Bill Pay transactions to ensure the details are correct.

If you had Recurring Transfers set up, both internal, external or via Zelle, you will need to re-establish transfers and any alerts that may have been set up. Please re-establish these transfers, after you “re-register” for Online and/or Mobile Banking.

Credit Card account holders should have received "New" Sierra Central Visa Credit Cards by now. It is now time to active your "New" Sierra Central Credit Card and discontinue using your "Old" credit card, effective (10/10/22) please.

Please remember to register your "New" Credit Card in CardValet. You can download the CardValet app today in the Android App on Google Play or in the Apple Store. Please note, current credit card details are not visible in Online Banking. Details will be updated as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the Credit Card information updated in your Online Banking Account soon.

Changes to Note!

New Account Numbers
Members will be receiving new Account Numbers. You will be able to locate your new account number(s) on statements or once you have "Re-Registered" in Online and/or Mobile Banking you can view your "New" full Account Number by clicking on each Account, then under the account "Details" link, please click on “Show Full Account Number."

Your Checking Account number will remain the same and is located on your printed checks including the check digit. If you have used this number, prior to setting up any payments or deposits, no action is needed on your part. While we will continue to honor deposits, withdrawals and payments made using any of your current account numbers, we do encourage you to eventually update your new account numbers with your other financial services and/or payment/deposit providers.

Scheduled Payment Transfers
Internal payment transfer system that a Sierra Central Financial Services Associate would have helped you establish.

Scheduled payment transfers changed to processing on the payment due date only for the payment due amounts. If this affects you, you can set up your payments and transfers through Sierra Central Online Banking. Our Online Banking service will provide you with better management of your accounts and the ability to set up, schedule, or make changes to payments and transfers at your convenience from anywhere by logging into your Online Banking.

After the System Upgrade, you will receive a combined statement for all your Checking and Savings accounts. This will include Money Markets and Share Certificates. You will receive separate statements for loan accounts (auto, home, VISA or personal) which will be mailed monthly. New statements will have a different look and will provide you with your new account numbers, for each of your accounts. Members will receive multiple statements for the month of October. Some statements will include transaction history through October 10, 2022 and other statements will include transaction history beginning on October 11, 2022.

Distribution Plus Users
Currently your transfer(s) are set up to pull directly from your (payroll deposit and/or ACH deposit). Moving forward, this will change to pull from your account, once your payroll and/or ACH deposit goes into your account. We have two new options for you. If you have not contacted us to select which option you prefer moving forward, please call us immediately at 1-800-222-7228.

Relationship Rewards
A program that offers low or no cost products and services based on a Members relationship.

This program will change after the System Upgrade. Rewards will now be awarded based on an individual relationship vs. household.

Sierra Central Relationship Rewards Program (as of 10/10/22).
Staying the Same!

UChoose Rewards
A program where you shop, use your SCCU VISA credit card, earn points and choose the perfect reward for your spending!

Reward accounts, currently set up, will transfer over accrued points to a new UChoose Rewards account. Your login will remain the same. Please login to ensure your points have transferred and account is active. PLEASE NOTE, it could take up to 2 weeks for your current points to transfer. To access UChoose Rewards visit,

Sierra Central Routing #
This nine-digit code identifies our institution and is where Members go to direct the exchange of funds to and from one another.

The routing number will remain the same, 321174770.