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System Upgrade - FAQ

I can’t get logged into my Online/Mobile Banking account?
You need to “Register” again for Online or Mobile Banking. To do this click on the login button from our homepage (, found in the top right corner. Then select “Register” on the left side of the page and go through the steps. Do NOT try to login using your old login codes, doing this could lock you out of the system. Also, please do not click on "Forgot Password."
I can’t get through to Sierra Central's 800 number?
We are currently experiencing a high call volume. Our Call Center will be open for 24 hours though 10/13, if you call during a non-peak time, your wait time may be shorter.
I received an email saying my Zelle was transferred to another financial institution, is that true?
No. Your Zelle wasn't transferred to a different financial institution. This is part of your System Upgrade and your account information was updated with Zelle, it did not transfer to another financial institution. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Will Sierra Central Visa "Credit Card" holders be getting new cards?
Yes. By October 6th all Sierra Central Visa Credit Card Holders should have received new cards. We now offer credit card holders a Premier, Premier Plus or Business credit card. The Premier Plus is our Rewards card. Please activate your new card on or after October 10, 2022. Do not destroy your current Sierra Central Visa Credit Card until after October 10. You will be able to use your current card through October 9th. On October 10th, once you have activated your "New" card, it will be ready for use.
Will my terms of my Sierre Central Visa Credit Card change now that my card is a Premier or Premier Plus?
No. The same terms on you current Sierra Central Visa Credit Card will carry over to your New Premier or Premier Plus card.
How much can I advance on my Sierra Central Visa credit card?
You can advance up to $2,000 a day with a total limit of 50% of your total credit line. Please note, there is a fee for a Cash Advance of $10 or 3%, whichever is greater.
If I have an issue or question about my account, are you available by phone?
Yes. Sierra Central is available by phone 24-hours a day starting Friday, October 7 @ 7 a.m. thru Thursday, October 13 @ 7 p.m. You can reach us at 1-800-222-7228.
Will Sierra Central's routing number remain the same?
Yes. The routing number will remain the same - 321174770. This nine-digit code identifies our institution and is where Members go to direct the exchange of funds to and from one another and will not be changing.
Will branches be open during the System Upgrade?
No. Our Upgrade begins at 6 p.m. on October 7, 2022 which is our normal branch closure time. Branches are closed on Saturday's and Sunday's and Monday, October 10, 2022 is a bank holiday, which is also a normal closure day for our establishment. We will be working behind the scenes all weekend to ensure we complete this Upgrade. You may see staff in branches, but they will be closed 10/7 at 6 p.m. to 10/11 at 9 .m., to the public.
Are loan applications accepted online during the System Upgrade?
No. Loan applications are not accessible online during the Upgrade weekend. Please visit us online at, starting Tuesday, October 11, 2022.
Will account numbers be changing?
Yes. All Members will receive a new account number(s) effective October 11, 2022. You will be able to locate your new account number(s) on statements or by logging into Online Banking. Your Checking Account number will remain the same and is located on your printed checks including the check digit. If you have used this number, prior to setting up any payments or deposits, no action is needed on your part. While we will continue to honor deposits, withdrawals and payments made using any of your current account numbers, we do encourage you to eventually update your new account numbers with your other financial services and/or payment/deposit providers.
Will Sierra Central Debit Cards continue to work?
Yes. Debit cards that Members currently use, will remain the same. Debit cards can be used over the System Upgrade weekend. Please prepare for possible interrupts over the Upgrade weekend and have cash on hand. After the Upgrade, Debit cards will work as usual.
Do I have to pick all New login details when I “Register” again for Online/Mobile Banking?
No, you can use the same login username and password as long as they meet the criteria. Also, you need to register using your own personal information.
How do I get through to the Touch Phone Teller system?
We do apologize if there were any issues with this service, the service is operational now, please call 1-800-222-7228, press option 2, and follow the prompts.
I am having trouble with my Online and Mobile Banking, how can I reach someone to help?
Our Call Center staff is there for you! You can reach our Call Center from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday at 1-800-222-7228.
Will ATM's be down over the System Upgrade?
No. Sierra Central ATM’s will be available and should not experience any downtime, however, to prepare for possible downtime, please withdrawal anticipated cash needed prior to October 7, 2022 at 6 p.m. PT. ATM Deposits made, will be available after the Upgrade is complete. The ability to check account balances at the ATM or on your ATM receipts or in Online Banking, will not be available until after the Upgrade is complete. Co-Op Network ATM’s will not experience any changes, but balances will not be available.
When is Sierra Central's System Upgrade?
System Upgrade will be taking place starting at 6 p.m. PT on Friday, October 7, 2022 through Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at 9 a.m. During this time we will have limited banking services.
Will the URL for Online Banking access change?
No. The URL associated with Online Banking will remain the same. You can access that by visiting and clicking on the top right "LOGIN" button, which will not change. After the System Upgrade is complete, we will ask Members to "Re-Register" again for Online & Mobile Banking. Member's will be prompted, when the time comes, to "Register" again! Please go through the process by clicking on "Register" from the Online & Mobile Banking screen/app and answer the questions as they pertain to "YOU" as an individual.
Will joint owners be able to register for Online Banking?
Yes. Joint owners will be able to enroll in Online Banking using "THEIR OWN" information. They will have their own Online & Mobile Banking login credentials.
Can you check balances online, at branch ATM's or Co-Op Network Atm's?
No. Balances will not be available over the System Upgrade weekend.
Will the transfer I currently have set up in my Online Banking account still work?
No. Unfortunately it will not. After you have "Re-Registered" for Online Banking, you will need to re-establish any internal or external transfer. This is different from Bill Pay.
Is Zelle available?
Yes. Members can access the Zelle link thru their Sierra Central Online and Mobile Banking services.
Will payment coupons still be available?
No. Members will now receive a monthly billing statement. Loan coupons will be removed from the system.
Will I have access to my Bill Pay details after the System Upgrade?
Yes. Current Bill Pay users, after completing the "re-registration" for Online Banking process, upon completion of our Upgrade, will have immediate access to their Bill Pay details. We do ask that Members verify their Bill Pay transactions to ensure details are correct.
Will previous Direct Deposits (Social Security, CalPers, Payroll, etc.) be affected by this Upgrade?
No. There is no impact to Members. Direct Deposits will post as they come in.
Will I continue to receive eStatements?
No. We apologize for the inconvenience, but you will need to Re-Enroll" for eStatements, after you have "Re-Registered" for Online Banking.
I am unable to make loan payments through Online Banking, due to "new" Account Numbers needed. How do I find that?
You can access this in Online Banking. First, please make sure you have "Re-Registered" in Online and/or Mobile Banking. Once you have, you will have access again to Online and Mobile Banking, you can view your "New" full Account Number by clicking on each Account, then under the account "Details" link, please click on “Show Full Account Number." Additionally, statements will also include new Account Numbers, or you can always call the Sierra Central Call Center at 1-800-222-7228 and ask. Please note, you can make payment transfers through Online Banking.