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Add a layer of protection to your Checking account with a Line-of-Credit.


A line of credit is essentially a revolving loan that allows you to access the money you need as you need it, up to a certain limit. As the money is repaid, you can borrow up to that limit again. So, when that unexpected issue arises, WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!

Attach a Line-of-Credit to your Checking account for "Overdraft Protection". If your account goes into overdraft, having a LINE OFCREDIT means you will not incur overdraft fees, since money will be pulled from your LINE OF CREDIT.

A Line-of-Credit can also serve as “cash on hand” and be a stand-alone product serving as a revolving Line-of-Credit, when you need it the most. When your car needs a quick fix or your water heater breaks, you have the cash to fix the issue and move forward.

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