The Payment Exchange

  • Is a full service ISO (Independent Sales Office) that creates efficient payment processing solutions for businesses across the United States.
  • One of the only ISO’s in Northern California
    • We are your closest link to the Visa MasterCard Association, as we are registered and monitored by them and our network partners.
  • Serves for following industries
    • Retail
    • Internet
    • Restaurant
    • Hotel/Lodging
    • Non-Profit Associations
    • School Districts
    • Political Action/Politicians
    • Short term events:  Fire works booths, church    functions etc.

If you want to take credit cards we can help!

The Payment Exchange is a leader in electronic payment processing, with an unparalleled set of products and services that enable merchants, businesses and nonprofit agencies to optimize payment processing efficiency.  

  • Non Proprietary Terminals: We offer a full range of POS terminals, peripherals and supplies, designed to save both time and money while helping merchants make the most of consumer preferences.  We help merchants find the right terminal to operate successfully at the point-of-sale, based on the needs of their business environment.
  • Check Guaranty and Electronic Checks: Businesses of all sizes rely on checks as part of their revenue they receive from customers.  With the economy and shrinking budgets merchants need a way to take checks while knowing they will be made whole if it bounces.  Our partners allow us to offer merchants a check acceptance alternative where upon approval checks are guaranteed to be paid, even if they bounce.
  • Online Reporting:  The Payment Exchange as a full range of online reporting tools designed to help merchants manage multiple locations, finances and chargeback notifications.
  • Wireless Solutions: The Payment Exchange offers a large selection of wireless terminals that let merchants who run a business in a non-traditional location with no access to phone lines or electrical access authorize payments virtually anywhere.
  • Gift Card Solutions:  With The Payment Exchange gift card solutions, merchants of all sizes and type can drive business traffic to their door step, reward loyal customers, build brand awareness, and improve customer satisfaction.  Gift cards are attractive to both consumers and merchants.
  • Internet Payment Solutions: Internet payments and payment gateways are our specialty.    We have a wealth of experience with the most popular payment gateway’s on the market today.  From the single location looking to leverage their business brand to a new location on the Internet, to an existing merchant looking to curb fraud and increase their online payment service, we have the tools, tips and techniques designed to help increase sales and success!

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