Relationship Rewards Or SCRRP

Sierra Central Relationship Rewards=SCRRP is a program that offers low or no cost products and services based on a members household relationship.

Picture of a young woman on a laptop while sitting outside. Text reads A Relationship Worth Exploring. Sierra Central Credit Union.

The more business a household does with us, the more rewards we give to the household!

  • No Charge Checking Accounts
  • Signature Loan Rate Discounts
  • Waiver of Real Estate Loan Processing & Underwriting Fees
  • Dividend Rate Bonus on Certificate Accounts
  • No Charge or Discounted Printed Checks
  • No Charge Cashier Checks

Sierra Central Relationship Rewards Program = SCRRP offers 6 Tiers of benefits.

Visit one of our 20 branch locations to learn how to qualify.

*Relationship Rewards Program is subject to certain rules and restrictions. Membership and/or participation fees may apply. The program is subject to change at any time without notice.