Camp Fire Relief

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How to Apply for Support

For several months, Sierra Central Credit Union and the TLK Foundation partnered to raise funds in support of those affected by the Camp Fire. These are in addition to funds Sierra Central Credit Union donated to provide hot meals to fire victims and first responders during the initial crisis and thereafter.

Thanks to all the generous donors and nonprofit organizations, we have raised over $271,000 to help the Paradise community recover from the most devastating fire in California history. These funds were collected from Sierra Central Credit members and employees, local community donations, Credit Union Partners and Credit Union Vendors across the country.

Photo of John Cassidy, CEO of Sierra Central, presenting a check to north valley community foundation

In order to increase and maximize funds available to provide more assistance, we have partnered with North Valley Community Foundation, which will add grant funding to total $1 Million for direct assistance, in addition to what the foundation has already funded.

These funds will be distributed by the NVCF to organizations and agencies that provide direct assistance and support services to Camp Fire victims.

People who suffered losses in the Camp Fire including damages to your home or loss of employment should call 211 or if outside of Butte or Glenn Counties, call 1-866-916-3566 to be connected to services and resources.

SCCU/TLK Foundation is no longer accepting contributions, and we ask that you please make future donations to
the North Valley Community Foundation.